Slide 1 jFlow Plus Aircraft part production
As an approved supplier for a few larger companies, we have produced thousands of Aircraft components over the last few years. Mostly light-weight Carbon/Epoxy parts including; Wing Tip and Root Fairings, Fuselage Sides and Doors, Wheel fairings and strut covers, Acrylic Heat formed windshields, Cowlings and Engine Air ducting, Cabin Duct work for A/C and ventilation
Slide 2 jFlow Plus Computer Fluid Flow Simulation
As well as our “hands on” aspect of component fabrication, we use software to help ensure each project has the maximum chance of success. Unique designs present unique challenges regarding Air flow, load and performance consideration. Using Solidworks flow simulation we have evaluated; Liquid and Air Engine cooling systems, Engine cowl design for max flow efficiency, Cooling and Heat transfer in remote mounted Electronic bays, Ice Particle Bouncing and Probe Contamination studies, Entire Aircraft aerodynamic flow studies

  • Airborn Geological Survey

    In the last 10 years we have been working in the Custom fit-out of aircraft for a variety of Geophysical Airborne studies.

  • LCAS

    Working in conjunction with LCAS, complete survey solutions on very unique aircraft installations have been accomplished.

  • Design, development and fabrication

    Nose, leading edge, and tail mounted magnetometer booms, High altitude Ice monitoring Probe mounts, Aircraft towed/winched remote Survey birds and probes, Structural Transition and interface fairings , Helicopter Magnetometer large span arrays, PMS Canister support arrays, Wing Tip and Tail mounted Vertical Gradient Mag. pods. Survey Pod housings and Radar Fuselage Blisters