Slide 1 jFlow Plus As well as providing a myriad of solutions for certified aircraft, the underlying and long term goal of Auriga has been to develop and produce a cutting-edge design for the Kit-Built aircraft market. The “Aerocat” is this aircraft. From its inception in 1997, to first public presentation in 2000, to completed prototype testing in 2004, the Aerocat Concept has received great market acceptance and is now approaching production stage
Slide 2 jFlow Plus The design intent of the Aerocat has always included safety, comfort, style and versatility. As a kit aircraft, it needed to be simple to construct and easy to maintain by the average pilot. Aerocat is a fast, 4 place platform that quickly converts to a full amphibian. It is initially being produced as an easy-build, single engine turboprop and will eventually include twin-engine and piston models. If you have ever considered building a kit aircraft then Aerocat should be at the top of your consideration list.